Cable & Plug Lockouts

Cable & Plug Lockout devices offer superior versatility and are a cost effective way to fulfill a variety of lockout needs. Plug Lockouts eliminate the chance of accidentally putting a plug back into an outlet while performing service or maintenance. These electrical safety Lockout tools can be purchased in a variety of sizes and styles to meet an array of Lockout requirements.

Ensure that power sources are not energized and equipment is not powered up accidentally or without authorization

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  • Brady® Plug Lockout

    From $31.90 To $35.70
  • Scissor-Lok™ Lockout Device

    From $23.00 To $47.50
  • Hubbell Plugout™

    From $53.40 To $71.60

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Cable & Plug Lockouts attach to various equipment and prevent their use. Cable Lockouts are for valves to prevent them from being turned. Plug Lockouts are affixed to the end of cables and extension cords to prevent them from being used or powered up. Our assortment includes Stopower Plug Lock, 3-In-1 Plug Lockout, All-Purpose Cable Lockout and others.