Valve & Ball Lockouts

Choose from a broad selection of Valve Lockout equipment to suit your specific situation. Select a Ball Valve Lockout, Universal Valve Lockout, or Gate Valve Lockout depending on your plumbing. These Lockout devices come in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials.

Ensure that valves are closed depending upon site use

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  • Valve Lockouts

    From $29.40 To $144.00
  • Adjustable Ball Valve Lockouts

    From $45.50 To $98.80
  • Color-Coded Ball Valve Lockouts

    From $45.80 To $106.80
  • Brady® Ball Valve Lockout

    From $38.00 To $60.70
  • Heavy Duty Cargo Lock

    From $158.30 To $181.20
  • Universal Ball Valve Lockouts

    From $32.90 To $91.50
  • Brady® Universal Valve Lockout

    From $110.30 To $121.80

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When you need to secure a valve from unauthorized use, Valve & Ball Lockouts are the smart choice. If your office has valve in public spaces, or in places where vandalism or unwelcome visitors persist, put a Valve and Ball Lockout on the pipe and prevent persons from turning or accessing the valves. Choose from the following: Adjustable Ball Valve Lockouts, Gate Valve Lockouts, Universal Valve Lockouts and more.