Valve Lockouts

Valve lockouts help prevent potentially harmful accidents during maintenance or repairs. Valve lockout devices allow workers to close off or isolate energy sources such as electricity, hydraulic pressure and fluids. These lockout devices are designed for specific uses. Gate valve lockout devices, for instance, generally include an outward/inward rotation to allow easy installation and storage. Ball valve lockouts can be used on ball valves as large as 4?, while butterfly valve lockouts can easily lock out energy sources. Seton offers a wide range of styles for customers to choose from.Valve lockouts for effective lockout procedures in the workplace

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  • Valve Lockouts

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  • Adjustable Ball Valve Lockouts

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  • Color-Coded Ball Valve Lockouts

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  • Brady® Ball Valve Lockout

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  • Universal Ball Valve Lockouts

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  • Brady® Universal Valve Lockout

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