Rope Grabs

Provide employees with an effective means of moving along ropes

Rope Grabs are designed as a means for the wearer to arrest potential falls. Along with a compatible safety harness and the proper fall arrest anchorage, rope grabs suspend the user along the system until they can be reached by emergency responders. In the event of a fall, the wearer can reflexively hold onto the rope using the rope grabs. These devices work on vertical as well as angled ropes, which make them useful in various fall protection systems. Choose the best rope grabs for your needs from Seton.

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When selecting rope grabs for employees, consider the workplace situations they will be used in. Consider the factors involved in the workplace in which they will be used, and list down potential problems. The purpose, strength and performance of rope grabs can vary greatly, depending on the individual user and circumstances with which the device is employed. Strength ratings can range from 2,500 lbs, 5,400 lbs and even 7,500 lbs. However, damage to the rope can actually occur at rates of 2,000 lbs. Employers should determine if the grab being used according to the strength of the specific device or the unit's load capacity.

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