Anti-Vibration Gloves

Anti Vibration gloves for hand protection against vibration and shock

Excessive vibration to the hands can cause a number of illnesses including tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome. Protect your workers against these and other vibration-related conditions by providing them with anti-vibration gloves. These hand protection ppe are designed to dissipate vibrations caused by power tools such as pneumatic hammers, sanders, impact drills and hand tools such as hammers and chisels.

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Exposing your hands to excessive vibrations can result in hand injuries, some of which can be serious. Hand-arm vibration syndrome and carpal tunnel syndrome are two such injuries, the former if left untreated, can result in gangrene. Prevent these and other similar illnesses by:
Scheduling breaks when using tools that cause vibrations.
Instructing workers on how to properly grip vibrating tools and how to recognize the early symptoms of hand-arm vibration syndrome.
Providing your workers with anti-vibration gloves.
Anti-vibration gloves can prevent vibration-related hand injuries by helping dissipate vibrations that come with using tools like jackhammers, woodworking power tools and other similar equipment.