PVC Gloves

PVC gloves for protection against a number chemicals

PVC gloves provide adequate protection against stronger acids and bases as well as salts, alcohols and water solutions making this type of hand ppe ideal for tasks that involve handling these kinds of materials or when handling objects in the wet. PVC gloves also provide adequate protection against abrasion and to a certain degree of vibration and shock. You can also use PVC gloves for assembly line work and handling small parts.

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Poly-vinyl chloride or PVC gloves are an affordable line of work gloves ideal for a wide range of industrial tasks. PVC gloves feature a number of properties making these ideal for use in general industry:
  1. Good abrasion and cut resistance
  2. Resistance to strong acids, strong bases, some heavy organic chemicals and salt solutions
  3. Good grip even when wet
These factors make this type of work glove ideal for a number of applications including:
  • Handling of small parts as when assembling electronics
  • As moderate protection against mechanical dangers during automotive assembly
  • Handling wet parts
  • General maintenance work