Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Protect against transmission of dirt, germs and bacteria

Disposable Vinyl Gloves are designed to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, and other similar hazards. These high quality, multi-purpose work gloves from Seton are manufactured to provide exceptional fit, flexibility, and resilience, while allowing employees convenience with their one-time-use feature. These work gloves are ideal for a variety of applications in different industries. Disposable Vinyl Gloves can be used in tasks ranging from janitorial and general maintenance tasks to food preparation and packaging.

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Employees who wear Disposable Vinyl Gloves are advised to keep their nails short to prevent puncturing the material. As such, extra caution must be taken when workers are handling objects with sharp edges, to maintain maximum hand protection.  When taking off the gloves, the wearer should pull down the edge from the wrist, removing them inside out. Once the task is completed, the gloves should be properly disposed of in the correct container.  Wrapping them in a leakproof plastic bag is another good precaution to take, since this allows for an easier and safer waste disposal.