Welding Helmets

Face protection equipment for welding and other hot works

Welding helmets are the proper safety equipment for face protection when performing welding. Besides protecting the eyes against the radiant energy produced by welding, these full face helmets also protect the face against sparks. As such, welding helmets can also be used for protection against the sparks caused by grinding, cutting and other hot works. Welding helmets are also a component of the recommended safety equipment for hot work protection by OSHA.

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires workers engaging in welding, gas cutting and other hot works use face protection equipment capable protecting against typical hazards like flying sparks, radiant energy and spatter. For this purpose, the safety agency recommends the use of welding helmets. Welding helmets typically provide full face protection effectively negating the hazards that come with welding. However, it should also be remembered to also wear other types of personal protective equipment such as welding gloves, welding aprons, welder’s caps, safety shoes and other safety gear when performing this type of task.