Visitor Safety Glasses

Protect your facility's guests with visitor glasses

Keep visitor glasses handy for your guests to use while in your facility. These low-cost eye protection solution consist of clear lenses with features like side shields to protect against flying debris, chemical splashes, and other particulates. The glasses meet and exceed ANSI.1-2003 standards for high impact situations. Visitor glasses can be worn comfortably over your regular eyeglasses for uncompromised safety. Seton offers safety glasses by brands such as MCR and North Safety. Choose adjustable glasses such as the MCR Crews® safety glasses or the wraparound style of the North Safety visitor safety glasses. Order by bulk to ensure you have enough visitor glasses on standby. Get practical workplace solutions like visitor glasses only from Seton.

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Why You Need Visitor Safety Glasses
Guests in your facility, factory, warehouse, and other work sites will face the same hazards as your workers albeit temporarily. While they are in your facility, they are your responsibility. Provide proper PPE including visitor safety glasses to avoid eye injuries that may be caused by flying debris, chemical splashes, dust, and so on.

ANSI-Compliant Visitor Glasses
Seton provides ANSI Z87.1-2003 compliant safety glasses for your visiting contingent. These low-priced safety glasses have passed high impact tests set by the American National Standards Institute. It’s recommended to get extras to have protective glasses ready for unexpected or invited guests of your company.

Select the best visitor safety glasses for you, only at Seton.