Lighting & Flashlights

Important items to have on hand during blackouts or power outages

Lighting and Flashlights are absolute must-haves for any facility. Choose from Lite Tracker Personal Safety Light, Glow Batons, Pelican LED Lights, Light sticks, Starburst Strobe Light or Star Mini Bar Light.

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  • Emergency Flashlight Centers

    From $297.90 To $449.40
  • Flashlights



  • Starburst Strobe Light

    From $137.20 To $164.90
  • Streamlight LED Flashlights

    From $36.60 To $42.00

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Tunnels, store rooms, confined spaces, electrical alcoves - these are the types of places where you'll need to have an efficient and powerful flashlight to do the job right.

Lighting products & Flashlights from Seton will light up any dim or dark place with various types of lighting options.

Choose from Pelican Flashlights- LaserPro 4D Spotlights, Pelican - Super Saberlite, StealthLite or VersaBrite, Lightsticks, Batteries and more.