Encourage employees to read up on safety information and the latest regulations

Training Manuals are the quick and easy way to keep workers well versed in safety awareness and accident prevention techniques. Provide 20 Minute Safety Sessions, Workplace Safety Pocket Guides or Safety Newsletters to all employees to quickly and effectively enhance their safety knowledge. The Supervisor's Guide to OSHA Regulations and the OSHA 300 Information Center are also available for the benefit of supervisors and employees to train on new OSHA standards.

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Manuals are an easy and effective way to inform and train new employees or current workers on new procedures, tools or equipment. Operating machinery or learning a new process come easy to some and not-so-easy to others. Training Manuals allow employees to study new training processes at work or at home. Training Manuals offered by Seton include: Workplace Safety Pocket Guides, OSHA 300 Information Center, Supervisor's Guide To OSHA Regulations, Certification Wallet Cards and others.