Cargo Security

Protect shipments from handling and harm

Seton provides several options when it comes to cargo security seals. The Sealock Sealing and Locking System is a single-use bar that locks and seals cargo containers. The Navalock MKIIIA Security Lock is also a one-time locking device for containerized freight. Adjustable Length Cable Seals are flexible, high security cargo seals. High security King Pin Locks guard against semi-trailer theft.

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Protect valuable cargo as it is shipped across the globe with strong and secure Cargo Security Seals, available at Seton. Once cargo has left your facility you really don't know who handles it. Make sure that no one break into and absconds with your valuable assets by attaching a Cargo Security Seal. We offer Adjustable Length Cable Seals, High Security King Pin Locks, Door Protection Seals, even Cable Cutters!