Custom Seals

Seton offers a wide array of security seals for a full range of sealing applications. However, we acknowledge that there are some applications for which using standard seal legends, wordings or numberings are not the most ideal. For these situations, our range of Custom Seals is what you need. We offer full customization for various seal identification elements such as wording, numbering and bar codes. These elements all contribute to easier monitoring of those sealed items. Besides monitoring, customization also offers an ideal way to establish your companys branding. Like our standard seals, our selection of custom seals are just as extensive, including custom plastic padlock seals, custom cable lock C-TPAT seals, custom rotating seals and custom flat head metal seals.Create your own security seal when standard legends, sizes and colors are insufficient

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Efficiently monitor sealed container doors, drums, meters, bags and other items.

Security seals are necessary for sealing high value items like shipping containers and trailer doors as well as smaller items like totes, meters and pouches. Most standard high security seals have a monitoring element printed on them like consecutive numbering or bar codes. While standard seals can and do perform their job really well, choosing to customize your seals can make monitoring these sealed items more efficient. This is because through customization, you can determine the number sequence, bar code type and wording found on your seal, letting you create one that is truly unique to your operations.

Brand your company through customized wordings and logos.

Customization also allows you to more effectively brand your company. By ordering custom seals with your company’s name and logo printed on it, you are able to establish product exclusivity. Our custom seals are available in a number of models including:

Custom Transposafe® Plastic Lock Seals – ideal for general security purposes
Custom Pull-Tight Quadra Seals – resistant to extreme weather conditions
Custom Rotating Seals – a safe alternative to lead wire sealing
Custom Pull Seals – ideal for securing items with small apertures

Besides seals, we also offer custom heavy duty tie marker labels which are ideal for use on your existing tie markers.