Padlock Seals

Available in a variety of options for all standard or unique locking needs

Seton offers a wide range of Padlocks to meet your unique locking needs. Our security Padlocks include Combination, Non-Sparking Plastic Body, Steel, Aluminum, Padlock Sets and Engraved Padlocks. Also, choose from Keyed, Keyed Alike, Master Lock and American Padlocks. Each type of Padlock is available in a variety of styles and features to better suit your needs.

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    Custom Plastic Padlock Seals


    1,000 Seals/Pack

  • One-Piece Padlock Security Seals


    1,000 Seals/Pack

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Padlock Seals are so named because they resemble a keyed padlock. They are typically attached to a piece of equipment, cargo, etc. for security purposes and to prevent tampering. They can be customized with numbers, letters and symbols. additionally, Padlock some Padlock Seals contain a small white strip for writing on if need be.