Key Control

Keep keys organized, locked away and readily available when needed with the use of a key lock box

For companies that rely on various keys for different applications as a means of key control, products such as safes, drop boxes, key boxes and lockboxes are a must. Key security products come in standard options, including Key Control Wall Cabinets, Hook Key Cabinets, Key Drop Boxes, Key Storage Locks, Safes, Lock boxes, Key Rings and Wall Mounted Key Organizers. To take the next step in Key Control choose complete key systems, drop boxes and safes to make your key security complete.

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  • Tamper-Proof Key Rings®

    From $7.40 To $10.30
  • Key Control System

    From $236.10 To $288.80
  • Dupli-Key 2-Tag Key System

    From $163.10 To $502.50
  • Brady® Key Control Wall Cabinets

    From $142.60 To $255.70
  • Double Key System

    From $163.10 To $502.50
  • Select Access Key Storage Locks

    From $64.70 To $68.70
  • Lockout Station Board

    From $138.90 To $208.40
  • Key Drop Boxes

    From $83.00 To $87.20
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Organize and control access to all of the keys that your business utilizes with handy Key Control products. Cabinets, key rings, and other tools will enable you to keep track of and house all of your keys and accessories. Take a look at some of Seton's Key Control options, including: Locking Key Rings, Dupli-Key 2-Tag Key System, Multi-Purpose Drop Boxes, Closing Tools and more.