Keep an eye on employees and reduce theft and wrongdoing in the workplace

Safety and Security Mirrors help employers comply with necessary inspections, while allowing management to monitor employees during the work day. Choose Security Mirrors and Safety Mirrors for wall-mounted options or Inspection Mirrors and Hand-Held Inspection Mirrors for hand-held portable options.

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  • Safety Mirrors - Outdoor Convex

    From $146.70 To $629.90
  • Safety Mirrors - Indoor Convex

    From $118.70 To $522.90
  • Safety Mirrors - Half Dome

    From $138.00 To $304.10
  • Safety Mirrors - Quarter Dome

    From $116.60 To $146.70
  • Security Mirrors

    From $116.60 To $655.50

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Security Mirrors gives you an added element of security against threat, vandalism, or time wasting by workers. Mirrors can be placed in areas around your facility so as to allow you to see around corners or over cubicle wals, etc. Seton carries a variety of Mirrors, including: Inspection Mirrors, Half Dome Safety Mirrors, Forklift Convex Mirrors and more.