Choose from a selection of Absorbents and Granulars, including NatureSorb Loose Absorbent, Miracle-Sorb Organic Absorbent and KenGro BioSorb to absorb workplace leaks or spills.

Use anywhere around the workplace to soak up spills

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  • SpillAway+ ™

    $204.10 - $377.20
  • Gran-Sorb™

    $8.50 - $675.50

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Spills happen.

Your warehouse or facility may use chemicals, solvents, or even just plain old water in the everyday running of the business. Absorbents, particularly Granular Absorbents are a simple and very effective way to soak up all types of spills and leaks. Choose from Imbiber Beads Imbicator Absorbents, MiracleSorb Organic Absorbent and others.