Drums & Accessories

Properly dispose of unwanted waste

Seton offers a variety of Waste Disposal products, including Steel, Poly, Overpack and Lab Drums and accessories. Hazardous Waste Bags are also available for easy clean-up.

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  • Poly-Overpack® Salvage Drums

    From $180.90 To $287.10
  • Steel Drums

    From $125.00 To $164.80
  • Eagle Drum Basins

    From $138.20 To $272.70
  • Poly Drums

    From $107.90 To $148.90
  • Lab & Overpack Drums

    From $69.40 To $209.10
  • ENPAC Spill Scooter™

    From $35.90 To $211.90
  • ENPAC Poly-Spillpad™

    From $326.10 To $787.80
  • Steel Salvage Drums

    From $131.90 To $452.90

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Some items can not be disposed of in a traditional garbage can or dumpster.

Chemicals and other potentially hazardous substances will need to be disposed of according to federal and state laws. For various Disposal needs, Seton offers several varieties of drums and other disposal equipment. Check out their selection, including:
Steel Drums, Hazardous Material Waste Bags, Asbestos Removal Bags, Drum Liners & Dust Cap Covers and more.