Be kind to the environment, while dealing with spills

When it comes to spill response and control,  Seton offers a full line of Enviro-Friendly products. Enviro-Friendly and Organic Spill Control and Spill Response, including pads, rolls and sorbents, are friendly to the environment, but tough on spills.

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Go green. Be Kind to the environment. Save a tree. Environmentally friendly products are not only popular nowadays, they do in fact reduce waste and help the environment. Enviro-Friendly products are available at Seton, so if your company is in need of these type of items, look no further. Our selection includes XtremeSorb„¢ Enviro-friendly Single-sided Laminate Pads & Rolls, MiracleSorb„¢ Organic Absorbent, EcoPolyBlend„¢ Spill Pallets and more.