When it comes to spill response and control,  Seton offers a full line of Enviro-Friendly products. Enviro-Friendly and Organic Spill Control and Spill Response, including pads, rolls and sorbents, are friendly to the environment, but tough on spills.

Be kind to the environment, while dealing with spills

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"Go green." "Be Kind to the environment." "Save a tree." Environmentally friendly products are not only popular nowadays, they do in fact reduce waste and help the environment. Enviro-Friendly products are available at Seton, so if your company is in need of these type of items, look no further. Our selection includes XtremeSorb Enviro-friendly Single-sided Laminate Pads & Rolls, MiracleSorb Organic Absorbent, EcoPolyBlend Spill Pallets and more.