Oil Only

Designed to selectively absorb petroleum, hydrocarbons and other oil-based liquids

Oil Only Sorbent products are available in a variety of pads and rolls, including economy, Enviro-Friendly, perforated anti-static and multi-ply. Seton also carries Oil Only pillows, socks, booms and drum top covers.

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  • Dawg® Track Mats

    From $223.00 To $394.70
  • Dawg® Skimming Booms

    From $117.30 To $150.30
  • Dawg® Oil Only Socks

    From $100.70 To $163.80
  • Dawg® Barrel Top Pads

    From $47.30 To $74.00
  • Dawg® Pillows

    From $75.70 To $164.70
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Oil Only Sorbents are made to absorb oils without absorbing other substances. This selective absorption is great when petroleum-based substances are accidentally spilled. Choose from a variety of Oil Only Sorbents from Seton, including: Static-Resistant Pads & Rolls, XtremeSorb™ Oil Only Extra Strength Pads & Rolls and others.