Spill Containment Berm products include Low Profile Spill Berm, Ultra SpillBerm Plus, Ultra Tabletop SpillBerm and SpillBerm.

Temporarily contain, seal or confine and divert spills and leaks

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  • Drive Through Flexwall Berms

    From $871.00 To $5,252.60
  • Spill Berm

  • SnapUp Berms

    From $841.70 To $5,733.10
  • Stinger Snap-Up Berms™

    From $825.00 To $4,490.10
  • Throw 'N Go® Berms

    From $1,085.50 To $6,362.40
  • Stinger Snap-Foam Berms ™

    From $3,439.70 To $12,085.50

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If you think a substance has a good chance of spilling, you need to get a Berm from Seton! Berms create a perimeter around an area, so that is a spill occurs it won't get far. Berms come in large sizes for warehouses and other wide areas, or small sizes for table and such. Check what type of berms Seton's has - Ultra SpillBerm Plus, Ultra Table Top Spill Berm, Spill Berm Connector and more.