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Spill Containment Decks & Platforms come in several sizes and types. Choose from the Modular Spill Platform System, Spill Deck Systems, IBC Spill Containment Unit, XtremeSorb Modular Spill Decks and Low Profile Spill Platforms.

Prevent liquid from reaching important equipment when spills occur

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  • Eagle Low Profile Spill Platforms

    From $461.50 To $857.20
  • ENPAC Workstations

    From $144.60 To $963.10
  • Spill Deck Systems

    From $409.50 To $752.50

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A good choice for your spill containment needs is the use of Spill Decks & Platforms. This type of equipment prevents spills or leaks from spreading out and damaging equipment, etc. Spill Decks & Platforms actually contain a spill or leak and are easy to clean. Seton offers its customers several choices in the area of platforms and decks, including the following: Xtremesorb Low Profile Modular Spill Decks, Spill Deck Systems, IBC Spill Containment Units and more.