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Prevent liquid from reaching important equipment when spills occur

Spill Containment Decks & Platforms come in several sizes and types. Choose from the Modular Spill Platform System, Spill Deck Systems, IBC Spill Containment Unit, XtremeSorb Modular Spill Decks and Low Profile Spill Platforms.

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  • ENPAC Workstations

    From $144.60 To $963.10
  • Spill Deck Systems

    From $409.50 To $752.50

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A good choice for your spill containment needs is the use of Spill Decks & Platforms. This type of equipment prevents spills or leaks from spreading out and damaging equipment, etc. Spill Decks & Platforms actually contain a spill or leak and are easy to clean. Seton offers its customers several choices in the area of platforms and decks, including the following: Xtremesorbâ„¢ Low Profile Modular Spill Decks, Spill Deck Systems, IBC Spill Containment Units and more.