Spill Containment Drums come in a variety of types, including Drum Liners and Dust Cap Covers, Poly Drums, Poly Overpack Salvage Drums, Lab and Overpack Drums, Steel Drums and Steel Overpack Drums.

Ideal for storage, spill and waste containment

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  • Poly Drums

    From $107.90 To $148.90
  • Poly-Overpack® Salvage Drums

    From $180.90 To $287.10
  • Steel Drums

    From $125.00 To $164.80
  • Lab & Overpack Drums

    From $69.40 To $209.10

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When storing chemicals, solvents, oil, etc. it is smart to use Drums, as they are a safe storage option. Drums can be used to store various chemicals within your facility. They are easy to transport and simple to stack on top of each other. Seton offers a variety of Drum options, including: Steel and Poly Drums, Salvage Drums, Lab & Overpack Drums and others.