Seals & Plugs

Prevent unwanted fluids from entering drainage systems or other areas

Seals and Plugs for Spill response and Spill Control are available in a variety of types and sizes. Choose from Neoprene Drain Seals, Reinforced Ultra Drain Seals or Ultra Drain Plugs.

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  • Neoprene Drain Seals

    From $72.70 To $114.30
  • Reinforced Ultra Drain Seals

    From $120.40 To $970.70
  • Ultra Drain Plugs

    From $71.80 To $317.20

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Seals & Plugs are available to do exactly that - seal and plug drain holes and grates. Certain drains may, at times, not be be able to handle various substances. In situations like this it pays to have on hand a number of Seals and Plugs. Choose from Neoprene Drain Seals, Ultra Drain Plugs, Reinforced Ultra Drain Seals Carrying Case and more.