Help keep floors free of spills

Trays and pans are essential for Spill Response and Spill Control. Utility Trays, Ultra Drum Trays and Drip Pans will help your facility with spill containment.

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  • Ultra Utility Trays

    From $68.20 To $126.20
  • Eagle Drum Basins

    From $138.20 To $272.70
  • ENPAC Poly-Spillpad™

    From $326.10 To $787.80

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Trays are used to collect spills associated with drums, tanks or other fluid containers. The tray is placed under the container and used to contain fluids that might leak out.  Some of the Trays that are offered by Seton are Ultra Drum Trays, XtremeSorb™ Drip Pans and more.