Spill Kits

Available in a variety of sizes and types to clean up many spills

Spill Kits are offered in Universal, Portable, Oil Only, Hazmat and Enviro-Friendly for any type of spill. Choose from a variety of different sizes to meet every spill need.

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  • DAWG® 55 Gallon Spill Kits

    From $459.10 To $512.20
  • DAWG® Vehicle Spill Kits

    From $100.50 To $124.40
  • DAWG® Spill Response Cart Spill Kits

    From $1,349.40 To $2,078.60
  • DAWG® Truck Bed Spill Kits

    From $397.50 To $533.00
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When a spill occurs in your facility you need to act fast to protect expensive equipment from being damaged.

For quick action, make sure to keep several Spill Kits on hand.

Spill Kits contain several items used to soak up spills and leaks. Spill Kits come in various sizes and with varying amounts of material to combat spills both small and large. We carry the following options: Xtremesorb™ Deluxe 55-Gallon Spill Kits, Xtremesorb™ Wheeled Overpack Spill Kits, Duffle Spill Kits, Vehicle Battery Acid Spill Kits and more.