Oil Only

Designed to selectively absorb petroleum, hydrocarbons and other oil-based liquids

Oil Only Spill Kits are available in a variety of sizes from 6.5 gallon spill buckets to 95 gallon kits. First Responders Kits, Wheeled and Grab and Go, as well as Vehicle Spill Kits, are available.

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  • DAWG® 55 Gallon Spill Kits

    From $459.10 To $512.20
  • DAWG® Vehicle Spill Kits

    From $100.50 To $124.40
  • DAWG® Spill Response Cart Spill Kits

    From $1,349.40 To $2,078.60
  • DAWG® Truck Bed Spill Kits

    From $397.50 To $533.00
  • DAWG® VACPAC Spill Kits

    From $69.60 To $90.20
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When you have an oil spill or oil leak, it pays to use a product that is specifically made to soak up petroleum-based fluids. Go with an Oil Only Spill Kit & sorbants from Seton.

Oil Only Spill Kits contain unique items that are designed to address the challenges of this type of job. Seton offers Spill Kits, such as Xtremesorb First Responder's Spill Kit, Design Your Own Spill Kits, Mobile Spill Truck Kits, etc.