Housekeeping & Cafeteria Signs

Housekeeping & Cafeteria Signs remind employees and educate visitors on company policies regarding cleanliness, clean up, organization and more.

Remind employees to work together to keep facilities clean and organized

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  • Anti-Microbial Signs - Men

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Many workers enjoy their jobs, but we're willing to bet that just about every worker LOVES their lunch break! Coffee, food, vending machines, tables, etc. are all have their place in a lunchroom/break room, but have you ever given any thought to the signage?

Housekeeping & Cafeteria Signs have their own important function in those areas - they tell workers where to place their trash, how to operate the microwave and remind them to clean up after themselves.

Seton offers your business a large number of Housekeeping & Cafeteria Signs, such as: No Food or Beverages Allowed In Plant Area, Before You Leave Take A Minute To Clean, Avoid Accidents Clean Up Spills, Think Safety Is Everybody's Job, Microwave In Use, and many more.