Allow visitors to find rooms and other areas in the facility with ease

Directories with custom message strips point visitors in the direction, or to the location, that they need to go. Directories are an effective means of giving directions to guests visitors and even employees of your company.

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Your office or facility could really use a directory or two for its lobby areas.

Directories list who and what are where. In other words, a good directory will tell you the Dr. Smith is on the 4th floor, Prestige Accounting Services is on the 5th or the Admissions office is around the corner. Directories are immediate directions for your guests.
Modular Acrylic Directories, Snap Lock Aluminum Directories and Custom Directory Signs are just a few of the directories we carry. They are easy to affix or apply, decorative and easy to read. Directories from Seton will give visitors to your building or office a good idea of where to go.