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Designate men's, women's and handicapped bathrooms with restroom signs from Seton

Restroom signs aren't particularly glamorous, but they are a necessity for all facilities. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that all restrooms be labeled, and bathroom signs from Seton are colorful, easy to hang and comply with ADA standards.
Our ADA restroom signs are made to be non-glare and scratch resistant. They can be easily mounted using adhesive strips. These signs are in Grade 2 Braille, which complies with both Federal and California specifications.
Don't forget to pick up facility reminder signs to remind your employees of important policies, such as "Employees must wash hands," "Please flush after using," and "Pitch in! Put trash in its place."

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Post bathroom signs to make it easy for your workers and visitors to find the facilities in your office, warehouse or manufacturing facility.

Comply with ADA standards

Seton offers a large selection of ADA restroom signs in many different colors, so not only will your facility maintain compliance, you can also maintain a consecutive color scheme throughout your workplace.

Choose from a large selection

Choose from men’s restroom signs, women’s restroom signs, ADA unisex restroom signs, drop-ceiling restroom signs, individual state restroom signs, restroom interior signs and others. In addition, we carry a number of other signs found in restrooms, including please wash your hands signs, this is your washroom – keep it clean signs, please flush after each use signs and many further options for your office.

Restroom Signs come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. You’re bound to find the right restroom sign for your unique requirements.

Durable materials

Bathroom signs are available in three materials: flexible self-adhesive vinyl, rigid plastic or aluminum with corner mounting holes. All of these options ensure your sign can withstand the conditions in your restroom.