First Aid Signs

First Aid Safety Signs clearly mark all emergency locations and equipment, including basic first aid kits, emergency eye wash stations and AED locations. Emergency Responder Insert Frames identify who the emergency responders are in your organization and how they can be contacted. Biohazard Signs identify hazardous waste to prevent accidents and infections.Help employees locate and use critical first aid areas and equipment

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Seton's first aid signs are extremely useful in a large facility since these pinpoint where the first aid kits are stored. 
There are also variations of this first aid sign that tell you who the assigned first aid respondents are in the facility. These signs help with getting quick assistance facilitated during an emergency since people won't have to spend a lot of time looking for a kit or asking who can help them administer first aid.

Available from Seton and made using different materials, these first aid signs also come in variants that carry specific text and graphics to indicate what type of first-aid product can be found in a particular location. Some of the signs that belong to this particular category include emergency eyewash station signs and AED signs, to name a few. These signs are also available in different designs and colors for you to choose from.