Vehicle Placards & Safety Signs

Vehicle Placards & Safety Signs comply with D.O.T. regulations by marking delivery vehicles that carry dangerous or hazardous materials.

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  • Flammable Truck and Tank Signs

    From $15.10 To $21.09
  • OSHA Danger Signs - Diesel

    From $17.80 To $76.19
  • S1 DOT Explosive Placards

    From $5.40 To $27.00
  • 1.1D DOT Explosive Placards

    From $5.40 To $27.00

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Vehicle Placards & Safety Signs are attached to trucks to show the driving public-as well as the driver of the truck-the contents of the cargo that is being hauled. Vehicle Placards & Safety Signs come in various colors to indicate the type of load, chemicals, materials, etc. You can choose from the following and more: Inhalation Hazard 4 Digit Blank Placards, Non-Flammable Gas 4 Digit Blank Placards, Flammable Solid 4 Digit, 1.2C DOT Explosive Placards, Poison Hazard Class 6 Material Shipping Labels.