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Identify hazardous materials being carried in your trucks

Vehicle Placards & Safety Signs comply with D.O.T. regulations by marking delivery vehicles that carry dangerous or hazardous materials.  Correctly identify hazards within your shipping containers to insure that all your hazardous material shipments reach their destinations without costly delays and rejections. Seton offers a variety of solutions to fit your shipping needs choose from Duo-Flip Placard systems, D.O.T Placards, Truck Safety Signs and Blank Placards.

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  • 1.2C DOT Explosive Placards

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Vehicle Placards & Safety Signs are attached to trucks to show the driving public-as well as the driver of the truck-the contents of the cargo that is being hauled. Vehicle Placards & Safety Signs come in various colors to indicate the type of load, chemicals, materials, etc. You can choose from the following and more: Inhalation Hazard 4 Digit Blank Placards, Non-Flammable Gas 4 Digit Blank Placards, Flammable Solid 4 Digit, 1.2C DOT Explosive Placards, Poison Hazard Class 6 Material Shipping Labels.