Sign Posts

A sign post properly display signs and helps show the way or explain policies in parking lots and open road areas

If you need a sign post, you’ve come to the right place. Seton offers sign posts that are movable, permanent or flexible to display your outdoor signs around the grounds of your business, office park, campus or facility.

Seton also offers a variety of sign bases, u-channel posts and bases, adjustable sign stands, E-Z roll sign stanchion systems and street sign posts. With dozens of options available in many different materials, you’re sure to find the perfect option for you.

Use signposts to promote your messages to regulars or visitors alike.

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  • Sign Posts

    From $34.50 To $98.40
  • Moveable Sign Posts

    From $171.70 To $237.10
  • Flexible Sign Posts

    From $147.00 To $226.80
  • Sign Post Kits

    From $37.70 To $78.70
  • U-Channel Post Base

    From $287.60 To $364.70
  • Recycled Sign Posts And Bases

    From $355.40 To $414.60
  • Galvanized Steel Flexpost™

    From $221.40 To $246.40
  • Rubber Sign Post Systems

    From $180.40 To $442.70
  • Portable Sign Stands

    From $254.30 To $318.40
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Grid List

Once you’ve picked out the perfect sign to display your parking lot rules, safety procedure, or traffic instructions, be sure you have the right sign post to display these signs.

You can install sign posts into the dirt or grass, or cement them in for a permanent placement. Seton carries various sign post options for your facility, including Round Sign Posts, Fiberglass U-Channel Posts, Sign Post Kit and more.

If you’re posting signs in your parking lot, consider using a Galvanized Steel Flexpost. These sign posts bounce back after they’ve been hit by a car. Even if they are completely run over, these posts will return to their original, upright position. Hardware is included and you can select among concrete, asphalt or natural ground mounting styles.

Seton also offers recycled sign posts and bases that are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified, which means there are proven to reduce landfill waste and greenhouse gas emissions, among other incentives. These posts and bases are guaranteed to not rust, chip or corrode.

For all your sign post needs, consider Seton you’re sole destination!