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Traffic Signs - Truck Crossing

Traffic Signs - Truck Crossing

Warn drivers of potential hazards and direct traffic away from dangerous roadway situations with Traffic Signs

  • Traffic Signs are available in Engineer Grade (500 ft. visibility) reflective aluminum or High Intensity (1,000 ft. visibility) reflective aluminum
  • High Intensity styles meet MUTCD regulations 
  • All Traffic Signs are .080" thick and rustproof for long life and durability
  • Traffic Signs measure 24"W x 24"H and read "Truck Crossing" in black lettering on a yellow background
  • Extend the life and performance of your sign by upgrading with SetonUltraTuff™ overlaminate
  • Overlaminate protects signs from weather, fading, solvents, chemicals and abrasion...plus it guarantees your sign for life
  • Learn more about Seton UltraTuff™ overlaminate
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Why should I use truck crossing signs?

Truck crossing signs are a good way to remind motorists and pedestrians that the intersection they are about to cross is often used by trucks. This is very important if the trucks tend to move at a fast clip since some trucks don’t have very good visibility and once it’s picked up speed, sudden stops can possibly tip the truck or cause a skid. So in the interest of general safety, it is advisable to put up these signs in appropriate places whenever possible.

Where should I put truck crossing signs?

Generally, these are placed in corners of intersections where they are easily visible to both foot and motor traffic. Generally, you might want to make sure that the sign is not covered by foliage and can be seen even from a distance so as to give motorists time to prepare and make adjustments to their speed.

How do I maintain truck crossing signs?

Like any sign exposed to the elements, you truck crossing signs will need a little TLC every now and then. Monthly washes should be the norm to remove and debris or dirt that may have stuck to it. In addition, regular inspections should also be done to ensure that the sign is properly mounted and still visible from a reasonable distance. If at any point in time, the sign has become illegible, it would be wise to purchase a replacement for it (although if you ordered a sign with the Seton Ultratuff coating, that may be a number of years after the sign was put up)