Yield Signs

Tell drivers to yield to pedestrians and other cars cruising around your facility

Post yield signs at busy intersections or crosswalks around your facility to remind motorists to yield to other drivers and pedestrians. Seton offers yield traffic signs, four-sided pedestrian crosswalk center yield signs, as well as private property yield signs.

Did you know the original yield sign was yellow, but was changed to red and white in 1971 by the MUTCD? Seton offers regulation red and white yield signs to address all your traffic and pedestrian safety concerns.

Maintain MUTCD compliance by purchasing a high-quality, durable yield signs from Seton.

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Seton is your only stop for high-quality yield signs. Remind drivers who are easily distracted by a great song on the radio, or the cup of coffee they're sipping, by posting yield signs around your facility.
Yield signs communicate to drivers that they must be prepared to stop, if necessary, to let another driver or pedestrian proceed in front of them.
MUTCD compliant
Most yield signs from Seton are MUTCD compliant and designed to be durable enough to withstand anything Mother Nature throws their way. Many are available with reflective finishes and our aluminum signs are designed to be rustproof and ideal for long-term use.
Whether you're looking for four-sided pedestrian crosswalk center yield signs, a pedestrians sign, or stationary signs, Seton has you covered to keep the outside of your facility as safe as the inside.
Alert drivers to merging traffic, pedestrian crosswalks, or other hazardous areas with yield signs from Seton.