Right-to-Know & HazCom Tags

Cleary illustrate the potential hazards of chemicals located throughout the facility

Right-to-Know Safety Tags come in durable, write-on plastic and self-laminating plastic.The self-laminating flap protects your written information from local chemicals, water, dirt and grease. Right-to-Know Safety Tags measure 3-1/4"W X 5-5/8"H and come with FREE nylon ties. Sold in packages of 5.

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Workers throughout the United States rely on Right-to-Know & HazCom Tags top tell them the type and danger level of the chemicals that they work with everyday. Right-to-Know & HazCom Tags are mandated by OSHA and must accompany hazardous chemicals in storage and other places.

Tags include: Chemical Hazard Tags - Right to Know (3-1/4" x 5-5/8"), Chemical Hazard Tags - Chemical Hazard Alert, Chemical Hazard Tags - Chemical Specific Hazard Alert and others.