Key Tags

Color-code, organize and lock up important facility keys for safety

Economical and durable Key Tags are available with a variety of unique features. The Vinyl Disposable Key Tags come in 5 colors and with two pre-cut holes, one for inserting the arrow to securely lock the tag to your keys, and another for hanging on a hook. Write-on area provided for detailed information. Available in packages of 1000 with FREE permanent marking pen.

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  • Disposable Key Tags


    Pack of 1000 Tags

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  • Tamper-Proof Key Rings®

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  • Reusable Key Tags


    Pack of 100 Tags

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Key Tags come in two types; Disposable and Reusable.
Key Tags are a colorful, inexpensive, and orderly way to keep track of a large amount of keys. You may want to color code various keys to correspond with different areas of your facility, or even use different colors for various security levels.