Anti-Slip & Anti-Skid Tape

Anti-Slip Tape is used to indicate potential slip areas in your facility

Protect against slips and tripping hazards using anti slip tapes from Seton. Slips and falls are a leading cause of fractured bones in the workplace. Protect your staff and clients from potential injuries with anti skid tape in a variety of eye-catching colors and messages that best meet your needs.  Make sure workers are always notified of high-risk locations and equipment in your facility.  If you have potentially hazardous machines or walkways that are in a low-lit area, use Luminous Anti-Skid Tape.  Whether for adding traction to staircases, or for closing off high-risk areas, Seton’s anti slip tapes are guaranteed to help reduce slip and fall accidents in your facility.

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  • Striped Anti-Slip Tape

    From $44.80 To $238.40
  • Permalight Anti-Slip Tape

    From $85.60 To $255.50
  • Waterproof Anti-Skid Tape

    From $42.90 To $85.30
  • Waterproof Anti-Slip Tape

    From $49.30 To $209.90
  • Waterproof Anti-Slip Squares

    From $116.50 To $116.60
  • Clear Anti-Skid Tape

    From $93.30 To $134.60
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Tapes from Seton are great for various purposes, including barricading restricted areas, designating walkways, sealing boxes and cartons and more. Barricade tapes identify dangerous or hazardous areas and are used to prevent accidents.