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Reflective & Luminous Tape

Point the way to the nearest exit with glow in the dark tape from Seton

Glow in the Dark Tape is used to outline escape routes and emergency exits in the event of a power outage. In the event of a power failure, your employees will be able to find and safety exit the building because all they will need to do is follow the marking tape towards safety. Glow in the dark tape will shine in the darkest conditions, while reflective tape will reflect light from flashlights or low levels of light. At Seton, you can choose from a variety of glow in the dark tape, including anti-slip tapes. Use glow in the dark tapes from Seton to point the way to safety.

20 Products

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20 Products

Set Descending Direction
per page

Use glow in the dark tape to enhance your facility’s safety program. At Seton, we offer an extensive collection of glow in the dark tape and reflective tape to keep your facility safe in the event of a power failure. These marking tapes help provide workers with a highly visible path to follow to safety should your business suffer a sudden blackout.

To use, simply adhere the glow in the dark tape around door frames, wrap it around railings, or place along halls and corridors to direct workers towards their nearest exit.

We also offer a selection of anti-slip tapes that increase traction around slippery areas. Place anti-slip and anti-skid tape on stairs or near doors to prevent slips and falls. Or, if you’re looking for tape that can be used outdoors, look no further than our selection of pavement marking tape. This reflective tape permanently adheres on roads, driveways or sidewalks and can be used in a variety of situations. It’s even compliant with MUTCD regulations and is available in two colors.

There are many ways to protect workers from hazards in the event of a power outage; glow in the dark tape is a great solution to this common problem and with so many choices available, you’re sure to find the perfect option at Seton.