Reflective Striped Cones

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Quick Overview

Striped Traffic Cones with permanent reflective collars for increased nighttime visibility

Product Details

  • Based on MUTCD Chapter 6F.64, standard cones that are used to guide road users should be predominantly orange and made of material that would cause no damage to the impacting vehicle. While daytime and low-speed roads can use traffic cones that are no less than 18 inches in height, a minimum of a 28 inch cone is required for high-speed highways or at night.
  • Reflective traffic cones or a standard cone with a lighting device should be used during nighttime for maximum visibility.
  • While we offer non standard colors and sizes on our selection, our 28 inch, and 36 inch, standard or reflective orange cone are MUTCD compliant on all roadways.
  • A variety of heights are available for for traffic cones. The larger the size, the more visible. 28 and 36 inch cones are MUTCD compliant.
  • We offer a selection of bright colors that can serve different purposes where an MUTCD compliant orange would not be optimal such as training fields and indoor areas.
  • Our non-reflective traffic cones mark work areas and are highly visible during daytime. Choose our reflective option for optimal nighttime visibility and increase safety around your facility. For use on roadways, a reflective cone is necessary to meet MUTCD compliance.
  • Cones are made of durable, yet flexible PVC material and will return to their original shape when struck by a vehicle
  • The bright fluorescent orange coloring has UV protection to prevent fading and meets MUTCD requirments
  • The square base provides stability while the cylinderic shape makes stacking easy