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Protect your Permit or Pass

Keep Permits and Passes clean and dry with Clear Parking Permit Holders, Laminate Parking Hangers and Vehicle Badge Holders. Parking Permit Holders prevent your permits from being damaged and prevent deterioration.

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  • Clear Blank Hang Tags

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Youve gone to the trouble of creating personal passes and permits for your company. Youre already to hand them out when you wonder, will these permits hold up to the rigors of everyday life? OK, so maybe you wont say that exactly, but its a good idea to put those passes and permits in something that will protect them, namely a permit holder. The weather can be tough on thingsthe cold, the heat, rain, wind, snowthey all have a hand in the deterioration of surfaces. Thats why you need a handy permit holder to protect your permits and passes from Mother Nature. Choose from parking permit holders, clear parking permit holders, hanging parking permit holders or clear parking permit holder. Regardless of which one you choose, your passes and permits will be protected.