Speed Bumps & Humps

Install speed bumps and humps around your facility to reduce the speed of traffic

Speed Bumps and Humps are an easy way to deter excessive speed. Seton offers various types of speed bumps and road humps that will slow down traffic and offer pedestrians more security as they walk from their cars to their jobs. Our speed bumps are available in a variety of durable materials, including recycled rubber and recycled plastic, both of which can be used on concrete or asphalt surfaces. Pick up a Speed Bump Kit, which includes two engineer-grade reflective speed bump signs, two u-channel posts, and two speed bumps and mounting hardware for both concrete or asphalt installation.

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  • Striped Rubber Speed Bumps

    From $308.40 To $463.60
  • Plastic Speed Bumps

    From $318.20 To $414.40
  • Modular Speed Bumps

    From $511.30 To $1,022.30
  • Speed Humps



  • Low Profile Plastic Speed Bumps

    From $255.30 To $350.50
  • Heavy Duty 5 Channel Systems

    From $321.50 To $1,015.30
  • Drop Over Cable Protectors

    From $110.50 To $209.70
  • Heavy Duty 3 Channel Systems

    From $277.60 To $728.20
  • Wheel Chocks

    From $54.90 To $70.40
  • General Purpose Channel Systems

    From $203.50 To $530.30

Grid List

Install speed bumps and humps to slow down motorists driving around your parking lot or facility. A speed bump is a subtle reminder that motorists must follow the speed limit and stay alert for pedestrians.

The size of your parking lot and the number of pedestrians, vehicles, grassy areas and walkways will all play a part into how many speed bumps, road humps and curbs you’ll need to adequately reduce speed in your area. You can install low profile plastic speed bumps, recycled plastic speed bumps and more to slow down vehicles and lower the chance of accidents and fatalities.

Speed Humps are a lower and wider version of traditional Speed Bumps and cause a smaller shock to vehicles. Our speed humps come with reflective strips for added visibility and can be easily removed for storage or surface maintenance. They even come with an installation hardware kit for either a concrete or asphalt installation.

You can also choose Modular Speed Bumps, which feature a sectioned and hinged design to allow the speed bump to conform to uneven road surfaces, which reduces stress on the bumps and increases their longevity. Easily roll them up for storage and transportation, or install them permanently.