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Rumble Strips

Rumble Strips

Rumble Strips create a visible, audible and physical alert to drivers in traffic areas where caution is critical

  • Flexible rubber Rumble Strips come in rolls that are 1/4" thick by 4"W and 50'L
  • Rumble stripes are available in either bright orange or neon yellow/green
  • Choose from removable or permanent adhesive to attach your rumble strip to the road; one gallon of removable adhesive covers 12 rolls, one gallon of permanent adhesive covers 9 rolls
  • To keep drivers focused on the road, install stripes in three sets of 10 with 500' between each set; the “rumbling” sound and physical vibration from the car will decrease speeds and keep drivers alert
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Rumble strips are pavement markers that alert drivers to potential dangers on the road. When driven over, the rumble strips cause the vehicle to vibrate and create an audible rumble sound. Use a rumble strip to remind drivers to slow down and stay focused on the road.

Rumble stripes from Seton are available in two bright, eye-catching colors: orange and neon yellow/green. These strips work best when grouped together in sets of 10. Use three sets spaced 500’ apart to decrease speed in areas around your facility. You can also alter the space between each rumble strip to either intensify or lessen the rumble of the cars. The closer the rumble strips are together, the more intense the rumble of the car will be.

These rumble strips are specifically designed for use on concrete and asphalt roads and parking lots. Choose between permanent or removable adhesive; one gallon of removable adhesive covers 12 rolls, one gallon of permanent adhesive covers 9 rolls. Rumble strips are easy and quick to install, in fact, roadways can be reopened immediately after installation.

Use rumble strips from Seton to alert motorists of cautious areas and avoid accidents.