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Mounting signs is quick and easy

Seton offers a wide range of Sign Posts and Accessories to fit every sign mounting need. Sign Posts proudly display signs in different fashions and Sign Post Accessories allow Sign Posts to be installed easily and safely. Sign Mounting Hardware allows signs to be securely attached to Sign Posts after installation.

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  • Sign Posts

    From $34.50 To $98.40
  • Moveable Sign Posts

    From $171.70 To $237.10
  • Flexible Sign Posts

    From $147.00 To $226.80
  • U-Channel Post Base

    From $287.60 To $364.70
  • Recycled Sign Posts And Bases

    From $355.40 To $414.60
  • Galvanized Steel Flexpost™

    From $221.40 To $246.40
  • Rubber Sign Post Systems

    From $180.40 To $442.70
  • Portable Sign Stands

    From $254.30 To $318.40
  • Round Sign Posts

    From $85.80 To $140.60
  • Sign Post Kit

    From $413.00 To $490.20
  • Post Driver



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Without a quality sign post, your sign will sit in the box and never be used! Whether you are ready to install and/or mount a parking sign, traffic sign, ADA sign, or just about any other sign you can think of, the right post will make the job – and the look – of your parking lot or property that much better.

Choose from a variety of sign posts such as U-channel sign posts, movable sign posts, fiberglass material posts, rubber posts and steel sign posts. With the right hardware from Seton, your sign post installation and mounting will be quick, simple and effective.

Plus, new signs and hardware are great for the look of your parking areas. Sign mounting accessories come in many sizes, styles and application. You’ll most likely need some combination of the following: sign mounting brackets, sign supports, cone nuts, tamper-proof nuts and bolts, post drivers, post caps, nylon bolts or washers, vandal-proof hardware, u-channel hardware, sign wedge stabilizers, etc.