Cigarette Disposal

Encourage the proper disposal of cigarettes and cigars

Cigarette Disposal items come in a wide variety of products from wall-mounted Bins to free-standing Bins and Receptacles. Cigarette Disposal Bins and Cigarette Litter Bins help tidy up small smoking areas, while free-standing options like Cease-Fire Receptacles, Sentinel Bins, Smoke Stands, Pyramid Ashes, Industrial Butt Cans and Alladin Smokers' Receptacles are heavy-duty and can keep larger smoking areas clean.

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  • Stone Panel Receptacles

    From $494.50 To $935.00
  • Pyramid Ash Urn



  • Cigarette Disposal Bin

    From $94.70 To $128.70
  • Ash & Trash Receptacles

    From $333.70 To $546.90
  • Aladdin Smokers' Receptacle

    From $647.40 To $660.40

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Why do some smokers throw their cigarette butts on the ground? Perhaps, if they had a Cigarette Disposal receptacle in close proximity they would think twice about littering. Cigarette Disposal receptacles are placed primarily in places where smokers congregate and are likely to carelessly toss their cigarettes or cigars butts away. Choose from Pyramid Ash Urns, Cigarette Litter Bins & Stands, Industrial Butt Can, SteelCore™ Smokers Cease Fire™, Smokers' Station & Trash Container and more.