Floor Safety

Display a message during cleaning

Floor Stands can be displayed in areas around a facility. They are typically used to convey a message, such as "Caution - Wet Floor." Heavy Duty Floor Stand Signs are a great way to warn people that an area is being cleaned or has just been cleaned, and therefore may be slick.


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Floor safety products from Seton help keep your facility accident-free by alerting employees to possible floor hazards that are present during maintenance or janitorial work.

These floor safety products from Seton include floor stands and safety cones made out of molded plastic that won't chip nor corrode. With safety messages and graphics printed on them, these can be used inside most facilities.

The perfect companion to our many safety signs, these floor stands and safety cones also come in vibrant colors to ensure that they can be seen at a distance. Help keep people safe and aware of possible hazards with these floor safety products from Seton!