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Install pull dispensers to keep towels ready for anything

Pull dispensers are different from other types of towel dispensers. With other types of paper towel dispensers, the paper towel is completely shelled inside a case. With pull dispensers, a small part of the towel is exposed. However, worry not, this scenario is great when you need to grab a handful of paper towels in a hurry. For example, Georgia Pacific SofPull® Trial Size Kit features a no-touch dispensing method that lessens the possibility of cross contamination. This pull towel dispenser can hold rolls of up to 320 sheets, making them ideal to use in kitchens, restrooms, or workshops prone to grease, spills, or dirt.

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Grabbing a paper towel has never been easier, thanks to pull dispensers. The key feature of pull towel dispensers is that a small portion of the paper towel hangs below the opening. This feature makes it easier than ever to reach for a paper towel in the event of a sudden spill. It also means that dirty, sweaty hands don't have to come into contact with the towel dispenser itself, rather just the paper towel that was going to be dirty, anyway! Place these paper towel dispensers all around your facility; from the front desk, to kitchens, restrooms, or near dirty work stations.
At Seton, we offer some of the top brand names, including Georgia Pacific, Kimberly-Clark® and San Jamar®.
If you're looking for a break-resistant pull dispenser, then consider the San Jamar® Integra® Lever Roll Towel Dispenser. This compact pull dispenser is made from a break-resistant plastic and is easy and quick to refill. What's more is that it can hold all types of roll towels, including multiple sized cores, such as coreless and solid rolls.
If you're looking for a quality, durable pull dispenser, look no further than Seton's large selection.