Touchless Dispensers

Touchless dispensers minimize the spread of germs

Install touchless dispensers in restrooms, cafeterias or other areas prone to spills and dirt. A touchless dispenser helps eliminate the spread of germs as well as keeps paper towels protected from outside moisture or dirt prior to being used. At Seton, we offer a selection of hands free dispensers to suit any environment and meet any need. Choose from some of the top brands in the business, including Georgia Pacific and San Jamar®. We also offer an In-Sight Touchless Electronic Roll Towel Dispenser, which can hold an 8"wide role of 1-ply paper towels. This touchless dispenser meets ADA standards and even features a low battery indicator.

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Touchless dispensers aren't just for looks; they also help prevent the spread of germs. The most ideal place to install a touchless dispenser is near a sink, such as in a cafeteria or restroom; however they can also be strategically placed in workshops, offices, or anywhere a customer or employee would need to reach for a paper towel to wipe their hands clean.
At Seton, we offer several, quality options from some of the top brands in the business, such as the San Jamar® Tear-N-Dry Touchless Roll Towel Dispenser. This hands free dispenser effectively prevents the spread of germs because a new towel automatically dispenses once the one before it has been torn off. This touchless dispenser holds rolls up to 8" wide inside a break-resistant plastic body. This dispenser is also efficient; it requires four batteries that can dispense 100, 800-foot rolls before needing to be replaced.
Choose from a number of other, quality touchless dispensers to help keep germs at bay around your facility or business.