Use 5S to create a clean, organized work environment

The goal of the 5S system is to create a clean, orderly work environment to instill a pattern of logical work. The 5S program is a part of lean manufacturing, so together their goal is to enhance productivity by eliminating waste. In order to accomplish this, a business must sort or discard unused items, shine or clean, set in order or organize, standardize and sustain improvements (5S). Get started on 5S training today using various 5S products from Seton. We offer everything you need to get started or improve you 5S program to help you facility achieve lean.

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What is 5S?
The 5S program is part of lean manufacturing, which seeks to eliminate waste and enhance productivity. There are five steps to a successful 5S system:

Sort -Discard unused items. The idea is to keep items used regularly close by.
Shine - clean work equipment and areas. Cleaning serves to eliminate sources of contamination and helps to identify abnormalities before they lead to defects.
Set in order- Organize the remaining items at your workstation. Clearly label everything and assign each item a spot.
Standardize- Develop scheduled and checklists to ensure procedures are followed. This step helps ensure cleanup and organizational procedures continue on a regular basis.
Sustain - Management helps to ensure all 5S items are being followed and workers are on schedule.

Get started on 5S training today using a variety of items from Seton. Our 5S products help you either get started on your own 5S program, or enhance your current system.